The crazy way a slinky falls in slow motion  

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This is not just true of slinkies - if you release a steel rod from the top, the top really starts falling before the bottom. If you hit a tennis ball with a racket, a wave has to travel from the strings to your hand before you feel it - and the ball is well on its way to the net by this time. If you hit a golf ball, the ball is well on its way to the hole before you can feel it. Rigid bodies aren't truly rigid and understanding this is essential to understanding the way the world works

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Jul 19, 2021




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Veritasium 6 days ago
This is an excerpt from a video I made 10 years ago - seemed like the perfect thing to show in vertical format. I was unaware Action Labs had recently made a video about the same thing. A regular video should be out Friday/Saturday this week.
Bryan Souza
Bryan Souza 5 hours ago
The compression wave is also slower than gravity
Omar Hadi
Omar Hadi 10 hours ago
@heyou okay but that’s not fair to say he shouldn’t credit him
Mountain Dew Gaming
Drop it side ways
Shekhar Kumar
I know, I know
🥣cerealpeer 2 days ago
not a "hack" a cheat. its ok to be there. its ok to be niether here nor there. its ok to be anywhere but the inside of the horizontal axis of the slinky when there are perturbations in the gravity of the bottom. its always now.
Revert FPV
Revert FPV 3 hours ago
I hate shorts but this is interesting
Enclave Comms Officer
Vsauce has also done this
Jack the alpaca
Jack the alpaca 6 hours ago
Seen this before but better
Jack the alpaca
Jack the alpaca 4 hours ago
@seiom jvony you going to finished or are you waisting my and your time
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 5 hours ago
Now what if you have a portal gun and a steel rod. You shoot one portal at the ceiling and the other one at the floor beneath it. Now place the rod in between the portals. Will th
Peach Daisy
Peach Daisy 8 hours ago
Seen it already in Action Lab
ThePlayStationGamer 10 hours ago
R.i.p. long slinky, cant open it again
Tom Brendelökken
Tom Brendelökken 11 hours ago
You copy the action lab
175__Abhijit Zende
175__Abhijit Zende 12 hours ago
Sir please make a deep explanation video on this ... This is the first thing I have seen in my life which is truly anti gravity in some sense
Nate Cooper
Nate Cooper 13 hours ago
Can you please tell me how this fits into general relativity? Because the ground is moving up. Would a slinky fall like this in a vacuum?
baba jaga
baba jaga 13 hours ago
Tu byłem. Tony Halik 2021
ambivalent ambiguity
Like. But you should also take into account that the restoring tension of the spring is equal to the gravity that's pulling the bottom of the spring down.
Guilty Pleasures
Guilty Pleasures 14 hours ago
Not to mention the top will hit the ground before the bottom does because it has already had a chance to accelerate while the bottom has to wait before it can start. Freaking neat!
Abhay Kumar
Abhay Kumar 14 hours ago
What if gravity is low?
Ijon Tichy
Ijon Tichy 15 hours ago
Now repeat the same experiment, but also cut the spring in the middle in the exact moment of letting the top go.
Philip Jordan
Philip Jordan 16 hours ago
In the description you wrote; "If you hit a golf ball, the ball is well on its way to the hole before you can feel it." You're making assumptions about my golfing ability.
Dr. Breadstick
Dr. Breadstick 19 hours ago
Now what if you have a portal gun and a steel rod. You shoot one portal at the ceiling and the other one at the floor beneath it. Now place the rod in between the portals. Will the rod fall down? If yes, what would happen if you weld the top of the rod to the bottom? Will it then fall down? And what would happen to a slinky if attached to itself the same way as the rod?
Sarcastican 20 hours ago
Two Questions: - How far can we take it? - Could there be a practical use or theory?
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 17 hours ago
Gotta suspend something off the ground but in the event that the roof collapses you want an extra couple of seconds to keep the thing touching the ground? industrial grade slinky.
Mcdonalds King
Mcdonalds King 20 hours ago
This is a literally bug. Developers better be fixing this next patch its been in for too long.
Evan Beining
Evan Beining 21 hour ago
I know from experience that this is untrue I have done this several times it never works how this guy explains it just doesn’t
heclanet Day ago
Well, that's a wormhole, when you go into the beginning, it collapses but the end doesn't collapse until you get to Well, that's a wormhole, when you go into the beginning, it collapses but the end doesn't collapse until you get to it! 😬
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 23 hours ago
In zero gravity, what would be the slinky do? Would the slinky retract towards the centre of the slinky??
Dylan Lafreniere
I really just want to see a slinky in zero gravity.
R Day ago
sketch088 Day ago
Two types of people in this world. The ones who have no idea how this works and the ones that pretend to know how it works.
BLITZ Day ago
cslloyd1 Day ago
Does the top fall faster than gravity alone would cause?
fahad bin abdul majeed
In zero gravity, what would be the slinky do? Would the slinky retract towards the centre of the slinky??
Sergio Solórzano
could this be used to drop people from helicopters i wonder 🤔
sokin jon
sokin jon Day ago
This is basically how every object looks like close to the speed of light.
Dang llama
Dang llama Day ago
kumar Day ago
Nice experiment man 👍
sokin jon
sokin jon Day ago
Very cool.
ت cabrón ت
Newton was here
Gren tree m
Gren tree m Day ago
Slinky has creative mode for a while
sasa bone
sasa bone Day ago
"Action Lab" YT channel: I made a slow mo slinky shorts "Veritasium": Thanks bro
J FO Day ago
Will this work with a chain?
Spynorbays Day ago
Photon Day ago
Way to bring back old content but still relative in the laws of physics lol
Goat Milk
Goat Milk 2 days ago
Death By Unicorn
Death By Unicorn 2 days ago
I feel like there's a really useful application for this.
N3WDAWN2010 2 days ago
Don't understand why it's interesting everything impacts as a whole
Corex 2 days ago
If a game had ever decided to implement realistic slinky falls I would've called it unrealistic up until now
Ornery Hermit
Ornery Hermit 2 days ago
Very cool.
Sidekix9o 2 days ago
You are too late I saw that already on the other Science channel
Derkach 2 days ago
I'd say it's because of contracting force is adding to the gravitational force, making the center of mass fall faster than normal fall. Because of this, the bottom part remains in position, as it counters the shift of center of mass. Similar to why you can't move forward by shifting the center of mass in space.
The PineApple
The PineApple 2 days ago
So if I had a heave duty slinky hanging like that, and a person hanging on to the bottom the of the slinky, they would just float there tension was released above?
Hal Weilbrenner
Hal Weilbrenner 2 days ago
That's really strange
henry chandler
henry chandler 2 days ago
Now explain why building 7 collapsed
katkat14kk 2 days ago
Did you notice how that Slinky also look like the vibrations in a magnetic field like the one that wraps around Earth.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 2 days ago
I remember doing this as a kid. We called it "magic" back then lol.
Matthew Heinlein
Matthew Heinlein 2 days ago
Cool, but I'm not sure your explanation is spot on... I don't think we should to think of it as a each coil falling onto the next one; rather, it's that once a coil no longer has the upward tension force acting on it (meaning that the coils above it are no longer stretched), then the only force left is gravity. Maybe just semantics though...
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 2 days ago
Isaac Wurtele
Isaac Wurtele 2 days ago
If you had like a really big slinky could you run or jump off it while it’s falling
Igor Kramer
Igor Kramer 2 days ago
Интересный факт
moimoi moi
moimoi moi 2 days ago
now please attach a ball to the top and the bottom so we can finally test Galileo's thought experiment :)
TheAbashta 2 days ago
I would like more short videos like this. New material would be nice too, but im ok with it being clips from old videos. Youve had some real gems over the years, and reminders dont hurt.
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan 2 days ago
Why doesn’t gravity pull the bottom?
Spynorbays Day ago
It does, but at the same time the upper part of the slinky pulls the bottom part upwards at the same rate. Forces get zeroed out and bottom of the slinky stays stationary relative to the ground.
XtreeM FaiL
XtreeM FaiL 2 days ago
It does.
Jakob 2 days ago
The matrix is broken
Rednassie 2 days ago
How about cutting the slinky midway when falling? The last part will never be pushed B)
Samaila Abdullahi
I am forever grateful to Dr IGUDIA on UStotal who cured me from herpes with his herbal medication, you are so real and trusted.
Mitul Bhale
Mitul Bhale 2 days ago
This is why youtube was created
Pranav Joshi
Pranav Joshi 2 days ago
Why does the bottom rotate though ? Is it that the force due to tension creates a torque on the part which is not falling ..so then the part that is falling must acquire opposite angular momentum . And we can see that as the upper part is rotating opposite to lower part in the video .
Pranav Joshi
Pranav Joshi 2 days ago
I have never played with slinky so I thought .. maybe it is just as we do it in academics .. F=kx but then this force will be variable and bottom would stay there only for a very small time but that's not the case.... then I looked at it again...yes F=kx is true but not for the whole slinky as it is deforming non uniformly . It is only for the part that is not falling + some small portion above it . The heap doesn't count as a part of the spring anymore . Also here k is changing but if we use the shearing modulus equation it becomes clear that the strain is same thus force is constant .
Shariar Tonmoy
Shariar Tonmoy 2 days ago
i recently talked to my friends about it and explained to them..🤩
Fredo Corleone
Fredo Corleone 2 days ago
Wow! It doesn't like gravity haha
vikrant chaudhary
didn't think about the rotation before this. Nice!!
juicyNathan 2 days ago
Спасибо за видео, коммент в поддержку вашей работы
star sky
star sky 2 days ago
gingnose 2 days ago
This single video taught me more than what I learned in the physic class at high school.
Aditya Kulkarni
Aditya Kulkarni 2 days ago
PLEASE make a video explaining gears of bicycle .WAITING for that.
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